Every contractor should have a policy in place to outline the level of quality their service delivers.

To make sure this policy is upheld, procedures must be in place to check the quality of build drawings and the products they design.

Green Hat Consulting develops workable inspection and test plans that map out how to manage and satisfy quality standards for your specific project.

In line with the National Building Specification (NBS) that will be produced by the project  architect, Swansea-based Construction Consultant, Andrew Warring, will create check sheets that monitor the quality of every relevant element of the building throughout the build process.

Architectural drawings of a build site are also continually updated and errors can arise  from following the wrong draft. To ensure your team work from the most up-to-date drawing, a Building Information Management System can be made available through an online cloud.

With the eventual aim of reaching the BSI Quality Management System Certificate of Registration.

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