Dan Gilbert

Associate Director/Head of Principal Design

Dan is Associate Director/Head of Principal Design at Green Hat Consulting

Dan completed his Part 1 architecture and planning degree before embarking on a development company and site management before becoming a design co-ordinator running multiple live jobs consisting of a new build timber framed housing scheme, the refurbishment of an old hospital into luxury apartments and site containing a mixture of refurbishment and RC framed blocks.

Having both on site experience and a design background has enabled Dan to gain a wealth of experience in the construction sector as a whole and helps him in being proactive with design look aheads and gives a great understanding of buildability and the need for co-ordination between all parties.

Involving of all parties at every stage of the build helps to develop the most cost effective, safest, and highest quality builds possible. Dan is experienced in building relationships with all stakeholders and bringing teams together to get the best possible outcome from any and all situations.

BA (Hons) Architecture and Planning

Temporary works co-ordinator


Professional and personable approach, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Calm and confident manner

Detail orientated and highly analytical

Design driven buildability


Health and safety