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Policies, Processes and Procedures

Do I Need Them?

In short – Yes. You do.

Green Hat will help you develop your company policies, processes and procedures that suit your business.

Most successful businesses and organisations have defined business management systems. Every employee working for a company typically has a set of rules or steps to follow as they complete various tasks. They may also have detailed instructions on how to carry out individual tasks such as RAMS (Risk Assessments and Method Statements)

Businesses sometimes have difficulty in understanding the difference between three key elements:







Too often these three items are used interchangeably, but there are key details in each that make them necessary on their own for a complete working system. In order to effectively delegate tasks to others it’s important to have all three elements.

Policies, Processes and Procedures in a  Triangle
Policies (Highlighted), Processes and Procedures in a  Triangle

What are Policies?

At the top of the pyramid are the policies.

A policy sets out the strategic direction of the organisation as decided by senior management. A policy will contain statements such as ‘we shall’ and ‘we shall not’ but won’t give any direction on how this vision or strategy is to be executed.

Some policies are required by law. These include:


Health & safety

Equality and diversity.

Equality and diversity.

Discipline/dismissal and grievance.

Discipline/dismissal and grievance.

Policies, Processes (Highlighted) and Procedures in a Triangle

What are Processes?

Under the policies are the processes.

The ISO definition of a process is:

‘A process is a set of inter-related activities that turn inputs into outputs’

Simply put, a process sets out what you do, but not how you do it. There is an assumption that the individual would know how to perform the task and where to find the appropriate materials to do so. If further guidance is required it should be set out in a procedure or work instruction.

Policies, Processes and Procedures (Highlighted) in a triangle

What are Procedures?

These are the third layer of the pyramid.

A procedure or work instruction should detail the exact steps an individual would need to go through to complete any activity detailed in a process. This could be a RAMS Document (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) outlining exactly how each individual should carry out their tasks.

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