Green Energy Management

Green Energy Management

Becoming Lean and Choosing Green!

Green Hat are a leading independent UK specialist in renewable energy and sustainability. We facilitate feasability, calculation and installation. 

Our Green Energy Management services consider the right renewable for you and whether you are on the right tariff and also paying the best price tor the fuels you use.


Renewables including Biomass, Heat Pumps, Hydro, PV, Waste and Wind technologies can be a serious contributor to becoming low or zero carbon. Whilst subsidies are not as readily available as in previous years, incentives to reduce tax and be eligible for innovation and/or green central funding is still available.

The requirement for electric vehicles and the rapid cost of importing energy now means that invariably, renewable options need to consider battery technology along with lowering the base load by improving energy efficiency and insulation.

Green Energy Management
Green Energy Management

We offer the following:

  • Feasibility reports
  • Installation management
  • Procurement analysis
  • Installation commissioning and handover
  • Optimisation audits
  • Training


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