Through an environmental policy, you must state your vision for protecting the site of a build and the surrounding area.

Green Hat Consulting in Swansea can review your environmental procedures to check that your policy and the practical reality match; if the processes being used are at their most effective.

Andrew Warring of Green Hat Consulting will work closely with your team to develop lean, intelligent systems that will save valuable time and help manage these systems to the highest standards.

For example, a Site Waste Management Plan, documenting any waste that goes from site, where it came from in the building and where it is disposed of, must be maintained and signed by the client.

Procedures should also be proven for specifically protecting the surrounding environment and animals, including invasive plants like Japanese Knot Weed.

Sustainability is huge target within any construction process, with the government even supplying grants to those buildings that achieve BREEAM status.

Andrew is knowledgable on the requirements for achieving BREEAM, as well as BSI Environmental Management System Certificate of Registration and Green Dragon awards, and can help you reach the highest of industry standards, if that is an objective for your business.

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