Ensuring Health & Safety Consultant Competence:

Navigating the Landscape of Health and Safety Advisory Services

In the dynamic landscape of health and safety consultancy, staying abreast of the latest knowledge and honing essential skills is paramount for consultants to deliver exemplary services. This continual quest for up-to-date expertise ensures that consultants can effectively address evolving challenges and provide clients with first-class solutions tailored to their needs.

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As highlighted by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), it is imperative for employers to verify that their external advisors possess the necessary expertise to offer essential assistance.

As a business, Green Hat Consulting recognises the critical importance of keeping training current and maintaining active membership in health and safety organisations.

Prosecution of a self-employed health and safety consultant

In 2020, health and safety consultants would have been keenly aware of a notable prosecution led by The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the regulatory body responsible for health and safety in England and Wales. A self-employed health and safety consultant faced charges before Luton Crown Court for delivering advice deemed “inadequate and flawed” regarding risk management in areas such as hand/arm vibration, workplace noise, and hazardous substances.

Luton Crown Court

Luton Crown Court

HSE Specialist Inspector Parmjit Gahir highlighted that employers often seek external consultants for support in complex situations requiring a higher level of competence. These situations may encompass nuanced regulatory compliance issues, intricate risk management challenges, or the implementation of specialised safety protocols where the guidance of seasoned professionals is essential for effective resolution.

Strategies for demonstrating consultant competence

Achieving competence as a consultant is crucial, and consultants must demonstrate their level of competence to employers.

There are several ways this can be achieved:

  • by being a member of a relevant professional body that sets standards for its members
  • by undertaking continuing professional development opportunities
  • by showcasing relevant experience, references from past clients, or obtaining qualifications.

The HSE’s guidance to employers emphasises the need for competent and suitable advisors when seeking external advice. Membership in a relevant professional body is considered a significant indicator of competence.

The Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register (OSHCR) is also an important resource for identifying qualified health and safety advisors recognised by participating professional bodies.

In conclusion, the importance of consultant competence cannot be overstated in the realm of health and safety advisory services. As highlighted by the HSE, both consultants and employers bear the responsibility of ensuring that the expertise provided meets the necessary standards.

Green Hat Consulting exemplifies this commitment by prioritising ongoing training and active engagement with industry organisations.

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