Navigating Autism in Adulthood

Insights from Paul Griffiths during World Autism Acceptance Week 2024

World Autism Acceptance Week 2024, spanning from April 2nd to 8th, is dedicated to transforming perceptions and enhancing understanding of autism.

At 56 years old, a pivotal moment on February 20th, 2024, marked a significant shift in self-awareness—I discovered I am autistic. This realisation brought clarity to the unique challenges and strengths that have shaped my journey.

Autism Awareness Week

Embracing Autistic Identity: A Journey to Confidence and Self-Awareness

Autism Awareness

Feeling out of place and grappling with social nuances was a common thread in my life. Yet, embracing my autistic identity has equipped me with the tools to approach these challenges with newfound confidence and to share my experiences candidly with loved ones and colleagues. This self-awareness has become a catalyst for personal development and ongoing self-improvement.

The Neurodiverse Advantage in the Workplace

In my role as a health and safety advisor, my autism enhances my dedication to transparency and honesty.

Initially, acknowledging my autism brought a sense of embarrassment, but it has since illuminated past experiences, offering explanations and understanding. Recognising that my cognitive processes are distinct from the majority, I’m now better positioned to nurture my well-being and embrace my identity.

Awareness of World Autism Acceptance Week is vital

Autistic individuals often encounter prejudice and obstacles in various societal facets—healthcare, education, employment, and beyond. It’s imperative that they, along with their families and caregivers, receive customised support and resources to navigate these challenges. This enables them to pursue their passions, develop skills, and forge meaningful connections, leading to enriched, fulfilling lives.


For further insights into autism and self-discovery, explore the National Autistic Society’s website ( They offer comprehensive information, resources, and support for individuals on the autism spectrum and those seeking to understand it better.

Additionally, consider watching “Chris Packham: Asperger’s and Me,” a documentary shedding light on Chris Packham’s personal journey with Asperger’s and providing valuable perspectives on embracing neurodiversity.

Moreover, reach out to local autism centres or support groups for tailored guidance and resources to aid you in your unique self-discovery process.

Remember, “Broken crayons still colour.

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Paul Griffiths