Should I record Power Tool usage on my construction site?

A lot of people have the perception that they must always record what they call “trigger time” for hand-arm vibration. But if you actually read the document, it doesn’t actually ask you to do that.

All it’s asking you is to have a system of control.

How do you make sure that no operator is going to get “white finger” in the future? It could be a simple system you can have.

It’s what we commonly call the RAG system.

Red, amber, green.

For example, you could label your tools in a certain way to know if this tool is a green sticker, I can use it for 8 hours. So why record that? there’s no need. If it’s an 8-hour tool trigger time, there’s no issue for the operator, and no record is needed. You could then set it and say once it’s over a certain amount of rating you could say over 5. It needs to go red, so if it’s a red, I need to go and understand what sort of usage i have got for this tool today because potentially it could be at risk.

So this is very critical to know.

Having a system is most important to cover yourself.