Green Hat’s ‘Around the World in 365 Days Challenge’

Progress Report August 2023

Istanbul - Postcard

You might have already heard the news that the Green Hat Consulting team has undertaken an ambitious project – the ‘Around the World in 365 Days’ Challenge.

Together as a team, our goal is to cover a combined distance of 40,000 kilometres through walking, running, and cycling over the upcoming year. This challenge is being organised to contribute to the efforts of Age Cymru.

How Far Have We Got?

Around the World in 365 Days Challenge

This month, we embarked on our official journey around the world, starting from Swansea Bay. So far, we’ve travelled approximately 3120 kilometres.

Along the way, we’ve encountered stunning landscapes and finally reached the magnificent city of Istanbul, situated in Turkey.

It’s hot… hot… hot… here so the team are slapping on plenty of the sun tan lotion!


How are Our Team Contributing to the Challenge?

Ian JamesDirector – Ian James

Our Director, Ian James, has been actively taking walks during his lunch breaks to achieve his kilometres for the challenge.

While marching through town, Ian joyfully sings along with Frank Sinatra to the tune of “These boots are made for walkin’!”

Ian says…. “Age Cymru is a great Charity and a fun way to raise money for the cause. Also helps keep me fit by walking around Swansea. Although trying to ignore the various Greggs and bakeries is more of a challenge than the walking actually!”

Ian's contribution to the 365 challenge

Collectively, we can create a significant positive impact on the lives of individuals.

We kindly request your support by donating to our JustGiving page. Every contribution, no matter the amount, will directly benefit Age Cymru and help improve the lives of older people in Wales.

We will release monthly progress updates, allowing you to discover the intriguing destinations we’ve explored every month.

Stay tuned for more!