What First Aid Assessments do you need on your Construction Site?

Surprisingly, we find that First aid assessments are not commonly done, but are really needed on construction sites.

When we carry out inspections we often find that companies haven’t really assessed their site.

It’s so critical at the pre-construction stage, just to understand the numbers on site. For example, how many kits do we need? How many trained first aiders do we need?

It all depends on numbers and it’s important to know these numbers.

Your numbers will depend on on the size of the projects.  If you are building a big tower block, you might need even more specifics or first aid measures.

For example, how would you get to that person on the 13th floor?

You need these considerations written into your procedures and you need to practise these procedures.

You need cover for people trained in first aiders.

There’s a whole host of aspects to consider in first aid risk assessments. Additionally, if you are not updating the first aid risk assessments regularly then there could be some serious implications.

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