Green Hats ‘Around the World in 365 Days’ Charity Challenge!

Around the world in 365 days challenge

In a world that’s constantly evolving, it’s easy to overlook those who’ve paved the way before us. As we rush through the stages of life, we often forget the invaluable wisdom and experience that older individuals bring to our society.

That’s where Age Cymru steps in.

Dedicated to enhancing the lives of older people in Wales, this remarkable charity is on a mission to foster a world where every individual, regardless of age, lives with dignity, respect, and independence.

The ‘Around the World in 365 Days’ Charity Challenge

At the heart of this narrative lies a tale of extraordinary commitment and purpose. As a team at Green Hat Consulting we’ve embarked on a grand endeavour – the ‘Around the World in 365 Days’ challenge.

As a team, we aim to collectively walk, run, and cycle a total of 40,000 kilometres within the next year, symbolising a journey around the globe. We are organising this challenge to support the work of Age Cymru.

By participating in this challenge, not only will we foster teamwork and enhance our personal well-being, but we will also contribute to a cause close to our hearts. Age Cymru provides essential services for the older people in our community.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in their lives.

We kindly request your support by donating to our JustGiving page. Every contribution, no matter the amount, will directly benefit Age Cymru and help improve the lives of older people in Wales.

We’ll be putting out monthly progress reports so you can find out what exotic locations we have visited each month.

Watch this space!