Is This A UK First For Pregnant Women?

Green Hat Consulting becomes the First UK Company to Offer a Maternity Mentoring Service for its Employees.

Being the first at something often means………

Being a pioneer – being different and thinking ahead.

The opposite of —- “But we’ve always done it this way!”

And that’s exactly what we have tried to do with our new Maternity Health Scheme for our staff.

We believe we are the first company in the UK to introduce a fully supported Maternity Mentoring Service for our staff.

But why do this?

maternity mentoring service

Well because until now, enjoying pregnancy (surely the ultimate joyful celebration) and feeling secure and enjoying your job …… were mutually exclusive.

Indeed, many studies have shown that pregnancy and maternity leave, were often fraught with anxiety, fear, and stress when it came to work and one’s employer.

In fact, recent studies have shown that poor mental health at this time can result in pregnancy complications (premature birth and small birth weights) and even miscarriages.

The World Health Organisation states that:

“Each stage (of pregnancy) should be a positive experience, ensuring women and their babies reach their full potential for health and well being.”

Well, we couldn’t agree more.

This is why Green Hat Consulting has teamed up with Abi Eva to offer what we believe to be a first in the UK employment arena.

Abi herself is a pioneer and runs “Live Intuitively”

Abi is passionate about helping new mums to be “feel confident, feel supported, and follow their intuition.”

Abi Eva

We fully support her sentiments and that’s why our Maternity Mentoring Service will offer:

  • Full support to staff and the help they need to ensure their pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible.
  • It will also provide access to online content such as a Facebook Community, Resources, Blogs, and Videos for members of Live Intuitively’s Maternity Mentoring scheme.
  • One-to-one support to help women through their pregnancy and postnatal journey so they can be in the best position to enjoy it and maintain optimal mental health throughout.

We are delighted to announce this new service to any of our employees who are having a baby or any pregnant woman whose partner works for us.

The support service will continue throughout the pregnancy and the postnatal period.

Green Hat Consulting is committed to valuing and looking after our workforce, and we have recently updated our employee benefits package to include more of a focus on positive well-being.

We are really pleased to be working with Abi Eva at Live Intuitively who is providing this brand new service to our team members.