James Gregory – Technician

Young talented people are in great demand in UK Engineering so we are delighted to have secured the services of Mr. James Gregory our new Fire Technician.

James is a Swansea boy born and bred, attending Bishop Vaughan School and completing his Mechanical Engineering Degree at the University of Wales Trinity St Davids.

He has since completed a postgraduate degree in the same discipline from Swansea University.

“ A baptism of fire.” accurately explains his start with Green Hat Consulting as James is now an integral part of the Fire Services Strategy Team.

I recently met James at his office and asked him about his new role.

James Gregory

Why did you choose Green Hat Consulting?

“One reason was the location! Being slap bang in the middle of the city centre and the business hub was a huge bonus. Another reason was I think they will give me the best chance of expanding my knowledge & skills in the construction industry. I think I will get much more practical hands-on experience here than maybe at a UK national consultancy. I am rubbing shoulders with people who are experts in their field and this is an ideal environment to get to grips with the principles of fire engineering”

What has been your biggest challenge from a standing start?

“The main challenge is the sheer amount of technical information to learn and put into practice. Each building or project presents different problems to solve and this has to be done exceptionally accurately while being mindful of complex legislation, compliance, and interpretation.

I am very fortunate to be mentored by my Director Dean Partridge and Craig who is ……”

What are you currently working on James?

“I am getting to grips with basic fire strategy work, marking up technical drawings, studying compliance, building regulations & fire legislation, and supervised site visits.

I am also developing my report writing style & formatting and the processes & systems Green Hat has in place to manage workflow and client delivery.

It’s a lot to learn but I have two very supportive mentors in Dean & Craig.”

What is one goal you are working on for the future?

“I would love to get my Chartership in Fire Engineering.
The fire industry seems to be populated by an older generation who will need to be replaced at some point. I think this represents a great opportunity for someone like myself who is prepared to study and learn from the older generation.

Not that Dean is old!”.

I have also worked as an energy assessor, and I have a great interest in energy efficiency and sustainable building development. Fire engineering will play a significant role in this area in the future.”

What do you do to relax outside work?

“I love sports in general but especially football and I play for a local team and love the socialising and camaraderie that goes with it.

I support Chelsea FC, although perhaps I should keep quiet about this as they are not having the best of seasons, are they?

But yes anything sports and fitness related outside of work for me”

Thank you, James.

A big warm Green Hat welcome to James Gregory.

Best wishes for your future success.

The GH Team.