NATHAN GOUGH – Health & Safety Consultant

Nathan Gough

Meet Nathan Gough, the latest star in our H&S services team.

Sometimes a person just happens to be qualified for their role.

This seems to be the case with Nathan.

Here’s why.

One of the main factors in Health & Safety is accident prevention?

It is about adhering to rules and regulations and most of us don’t have any actual experience of a serious accident or even a fatality.

Well, Nathan does.

He has spent over 20 years with one of the UK’s Emergency Services and he has witnessed accident scenes most of us will never experience.

He has been involved in dealing with accidents caused by human error, obtained witness evidence, carried out forensic investigations and studied all the contributory factors that can be linked to an accident.

In short “what has happened and why.”

Thus, his step into accident prevention is where he can bring all his previous experiences to bear.

But even better than this…………

Nathan also worked as a site manager for a national contractor working on Wales biggest project to date on the ISG Bus interchange in Cardiff.

Site managers are the very people our H&S consultants meet on site every day.

Who better qualified then – than an H&S site consultant who was a site manager?

This gives Nathan a great insight into the pressures site managers face from senior management & their own workforce.

I asked Nathan a few questions to get his perspective on his role and the challenges in H&S in construction.

What are some of the biggest issues in H&S in construction right now?

“The time, cost, profit scenario. These are huge issues in the construction industry. Part of my role is to see if these factors are not being pursued at the expense of health & safety on site and across projects.”

“I need to know that the managers and operatives are aware of the risks they face and are taking preventative measures to eliminate the risks.”

“I also know that an effective Health & Safety culture must come from the top at Director level then filtered down throughout the organisation.

What is your H&S “philosophy” onsite?

Operatives often ask me why am I here today? to which I say to operatives and site managers alike, Your boss has asked me come to site to ensure that you are working safely, so you go home safe tonight. That statement always is very impactive.”

I believe Engagement is key to build mutual trust and respect with all involved in a project/organisation and carry out education first, then enforcement if necessary and not the other way around.

I think of Green Hat as the 4th emergency service for our clients responding professionally when required to do so.”

How do you assess H&S on-site?

“Believe it or not, I can often predict the level of H&S compliance I will see on-site without setting foot on it.”

“I often look at the site entrance and ask myself questions like?”

“Does the site set up have a good corporate image?”

“Is there adequate and clear signage at the site entrance?”

“Does it look as if a traffic management plan is in place?”

“What level of PPE are operatives wearing?”

“You can gather a lot of information before even setting foot on site!”

Why did you choose to work with Green Hat Consulting?

GH has an excellent reputation in construction, particularly for H&S.

They believe in protecting people and responding to people’s needs.

This is important in terms of basic health & safety but also for mental health awareness in construction.

Green Hat believes “it’s good to talk and not suffer in silence.”

“This needs to change and Green Hat Consulting are catalysts for changing this culture. I am proud to be a part of this.”

“Green Hat is the best place for me to put the skills and experience I have to make a practical difference for site safety.”

How do you relax away from work?

“I enjoy a variety of sports, socialising and enjoying spending time with my family.”

A big Green Hat welcome Nathan and best wishes for your future success!