Jac Davies – CDM Consultant

A huge welcome to our youngest and newest recruit – Jac Davies.

Jac joins us as an Associate CDM consultant and his appointment strengthens the Principal Design team.

He will assist PD Associate Director Dan Gilbert.

Jac is already starting site appraisals and working on pre-construction information packs  to over 90% completion and he will also work on the new E.ON contract.

We are excited to have secured such a talent and believe we have a star in the making.

Here are some insights from Jac Davies from a recent interview I did with him.

Jac Davies - CDM Consultant

What made you choose Green Hat Consulting?

“I chose Green Hat due to their professional attitude. Their professionalism was clear from my interviews.

I was immediately welcomed and quickly understood the values of the company  – values with which I also share.

I really liked the idea of working for a tight-knit company and GH had a kind of family feel to it. I feel that my voice can be heard and that I can give my opinion on issues even though I am new to the role.

I think I would soon feel disillusioned working for a large, faceless corporate company. I have worked with Green Hat in the past through previous employers and have always been impressed with the quality of documentation and site visits. The flexibility of work-life balance in Green Hat is also a huge bonus!”

What triggered your interest in CDM & Principal Design?

“I did my undergraduate in police sciences, and I discovered a love of investigating and “thinking outside the box.” 

find the Principal Design  work also requires similar skills; thorough investigation and thinking through “what-if – scenarios.”

Also, my background is in Civil Engineering ( specifically Groundworks) and I have worked on various construction sites since school so this gave me solid experience in how construction sites work in practice.

I am currently finishing my Master’s degree in Construction Project Management”

What are your interests & passions outside of work?

“I love graphic design. This has sparked an interest in 3D modelling.

I think that 3D modelling, graphic design, and animation have a great future in construction.

The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is especially true for construction.

Some construction workers find information using the written word confusing.

I believe that the same information can be understood more easily through other formats …… who knows this approach may even save more lives.

I am also a keen rugby player and love the training and the great camaraderie that goes with it.”

Can you tell us one main goal you have in life?

“My goal in life is to be proud of what I am doing and not just go through life doing tick-box exercises, with no real meaning.

 I believe a career in Green Hat will help me achieve this. 

My other more personal goal is to enjoy what I do and push myself to the max, I don’t want to look back on life at the latter stages and think ‘I wish I had attempted that.”

We would like to extend a warm welcome and best wishes to Jac.

Thank you for joining us and helping us to build for the future.