All good things come to an end, don’t they?

We had many happy years at our old office.

We forged great friendships despite the numbing cold in winter ( thermal underwear mandatory) and the tropical heat in summer ( no underwear optional)  and the cramped space and the minuscule toilets.

We managed to survive without killing each other .. was probably a better description.

The business was growing and expanding with new people joining and our space was extremely limited and cramped.

More people meant more space was required.

But where to relocate to?


There were several drivers in selecting a new place.

We decided our new home would ideally provide the following benefits:

  • Somewhere that would attract younger talented people  – near shops, restaurants (and bars for that drink after work).
  • Somewhere in the thick of the action – not stuck in the margins on an industrial estate.
  • More space -a better working environment – accessible (for us & clients).
  • Normal-sized loos that did not require the flexibility of a yoga teacher to enter/exit.

Well, we found such a place —– eventually.

So Schooner House in “downtown” Swansea city centre welcomes its newest tenant.

# Pointless fact — our very own Ian James did the original H&S scheme for the very building we now call “home!”

This has been such a good move for us …. And ….we hope…. for you.

Schooner House, Quay Parade


GH Consulting is all about sustainable growth.

So why not put our money where our mouth is?

GH Consulting has long championed the redevelopment of the Swansea Business District ( BID) and is keen to support this growth – and being in the heart of it means we can play our part in its future growth.

Being near Wind Street for Friday night beverages played no part in this decision (honestly).

Being part of the city centre vibe is a big bonus though.

Another vote for a city centre move was cast because we’ve  also partnered with many businesses and initiatives in the city centre including:

  • Swansea BID organisation
  • Swansea Arena
  • Biophilio
  • New digital Office Boygues


And recruiting talented people is key for us to grow and expand our business.

These people seem to be getting younger …… or are we getting older?

And younger people have different expectations of a “work environment” particularly with the move to working from home movement during and after the pandemic.

We wanted to buck the trend here and provide a positive experience as an alternative  to the “working from home” trend.

Hopefully, in our new office space, relationships will be formed and new friendships made….. and there will be better collaboration and creativity as a result.

Talented people have a choice of where to work and so we wanted to provide a space where people felt encouraged to speak up, exchange ideas, and progress their careers. 

And dare we say it …… have some fun in doing so.

We take a person’s well being seriously.

We think the new space fits the bill in all respects.

Business growth has to be managed on several fronts and office space and location was one of them.

Green Hat Swansea Office 1

In the words of Andrew Warring:

“So pleased we did this. We have a great team of people coming together with more to come on board and this is a place where we can grow and build something really special for us and the people we work with”

Have you a project to discuss over a coffee or need advice?

We look forwards to meeting you in our new home!