No More Headaches At Handover!

Have you ever met anyone who enjoys doing the handover documentation for a project?

Me neither!

Truth be told, doing this seems to be everyone’s worst nightmare.

The construction work finished, project completed, BUT there is still a sizable chunk of retained payment until all the handover documentation is complete and passed to the client.

Let’s be honest – everyone approaches this with a heavy heart.

This is how bad it gets.

Recently, we came across a demand for handover documentation that ran to 93 lever arch files comprising of 68,000 A4 pages.

What if there was an alternative?

What if there was a way to offload this tiresome burden and be free to focus on core activities?

 Well, the good news is there is a solution!


In fact, it’s an excellent alternative where ALL your documentation is stored securely using cloud space and digital storage.

Read on to find out how you can save time, resources and money in 2022.

Let’s begin by looking at why the handover documentation is such a burden.

Handover Headaches

What are the current headaches producing handover documentation and storing it?

  • Printing reams and reams of documents is not really sustainable, is it? Plus, paper documents get lost or get stuck behind pipes in plant rooms!
  • The document ‘holder’ leaves the company- where did he put them?
  • Information has to be collected from various sources – manufacturers – distributors and sub-contractors.
  • They have to be chased up and pestered and trusted to send the right information – this takes considerable time, resources and money to do.
  • Often the contract means finance is retained until we do this. Money that is better sitting in your bank sooner for cash flow.
  • Paper documents take ages to read Announcing Our New Document PORTAL
  • – it is often extremely difficult to find specific information

This last point is close to home. I once lost close to a week on a commercial lighting project waiting for a Housing Association to locate details of their current lighting control system

So what solves this?

The answer is in two parts.

Part One – Outsource the production of documentation to professionals who are experts in doing this daily.

Part Two – store all this data on a digital platform that is easy to use, allows instant retrieval at the touch of a button and stored securely and safely.

Here at Green Hat Consulting, we have worked hard to provide these two solutions in one easy and cost effective service.

If you need O&M documentation and H&S files produced quickly and accurately for you, please find out more here

 But where to store these documents safely and retrieve them quickly and accurately?


Green Hat Client Portal

Announcing the Green Hat Consulting Document Portal for 2022!

Who is it for?

This will be available in early 2022 to all our H&S clients on a monthly retainer package.

We designed a solution that is cost-effective and safe to use with your very own login details and safe password access.

What is it for?

Secure storage for all your O&M documentation and H&S files – all in one location.

Any information can be located and retrieved in seconds.

How does it work?

 Our portal uses secure online storage, where digital copies of your client documents are kept and where you can share with your clients.

You have a secure password, so your private data is safe.

It is easy to use and the screens are user friendly with busy construction professionals like you in mind.

Retrieve documents (or the end-user can) in seconds for accurate retrieval, or for meetings and discussions.

Content library – search specific a few clicks away – no manual searching


How much does it cost?

Then you are good to go and can start enjoying the following benefits:

  • Save your time & money.
  • Safe storage. – easy retrieval.
  • Sustainable – less paper.
  • Secure – cloud storage.
  • Easy to sign up – authorisation & access.
  • Back up if paper documentation is required.

You can take advantage of the portal immediately.

So why not start the New Year with one less task to do?

If you have questions on the portal, please contact