Product Review – Robus Sonic 200w High Bay LED

Why do product reviews?

Well ……….

To save busy people like you, spending valuable time researching energy savings products or technology online.

We spend hours doing this ……. so we thought we would pass our knowledge to you.

This is the first in  a series of honest and unbiased product reviews which we hope you will find informative, and save you time and money.

Do you have a warehouse? Loading area? Welding shed? Storage area? If so this one’s for you!

Our first review showcases an LED High Bay lighting unit.

Robus Sonic 200w High Bay LED

We recently installed the Robus Sonic 200w High Bay in the warehouse of a food manufacturing facility (click here to see the case study).

We conducted our research for a suitable product that would:

  • Save at least 50% on the client’s current lighting costs.
  • Enhance the current lux levels in their facility.
  • Have a good warranty and life cycle span.
  • Provide great value and quality at a reasonable price.
  • Be robust enough to handle the odd bump from a forklift truck
  • Safe to use in a sterile environment.
Robus LED Lighting
The photo above shows the surface of the Robus Sonic High Bay unit – This unit oozes build quality and materials.

First Impressions

Right from the packaging, we liked the look of this fitting!

The circular body is made from die-cast aluminium with a black powder paint coating.

The heat sinks were deeply grooved and the fitting felt extremely solid and durable.

It came equipped with a useful stainless steel fixing and with tempered glass.

The above is really important in a warehouse environment where there is often vibration and extremes of temperature and the odd knock from a careless forklift driver.

This unit is built to last, sturdy and strong and is rustproof.

Robus LED Lighting
The photo above shows the – sturdy die cast aluminium body with high-quality heat sinks

It also comes with a 5-year guarantee and a predicted capacity of 50,000 hrs minimum lifespan.

The existing metal halide fittings were constantly failing to result in unwanted maintenance costs.

Product Benefits for the Client

We specified a 200w model to replace old metal halide fixings rated at 400w.

So the client made a 50% saving on lighting running costs and lux levels increased from 150 lux to 500 lux.

More than twice the light levels for half the cost!

The unit has a minimum life cycle rating which is 5 times longer than the metal halide it replaced giving great savings on maintenance costs.

old metal halide lamp
The photo above shows – the old metal halide lamp removed. This unit used 400w of power versus the 200w of the Robus Sonic

We also liked the following:

  • IP 65 rating. ( rating for ingress of water & moisture).
  • Wide operating ambient temperature range.
  • Lots of built-in flexibility for attaching ( wall mounting-steel girder- suspended etc)
  • Plug and play with a large termination area.
  • Available with manual or dimmable or daylight sensor controls.
  • A choice of models 100w 150 w 200w and with a useful accessory range (narrow beam angle lenses).

Our installer loved how easy these units were to fit and their versatility for fitting options.

What is it like to install?

Robus LED Lighting

Our most important person on site is the installer.

He gave the Robus Sonic fittings a glowing review being easy to fit and adjust and reported it felt very solid and sturdy.

Our client was really impressed as soon as these fittings were installed and switched on.

They appreciated the huge improvement in light levels and instant switch on- no requirement for a 15 minute ‘warm up’ like the old metal halides.

(This saved production time and money, especially in the winter months)

Summary- one year after fitting

All units fully functional with no flickering or failures or failed drivers.

The onsite engineer is pleased with the installation and has asked for quotation for lighting for their new facility.

We would use these fittings again without hesitation.

Are they the cheapest on the market?

No they are not by some margin.

Do they offer value for money, quality and reliability?

Undoubtedly yes.

You DO get what you pay for with lighting.

You have to make that trade off between cost and reliability, performance and longevity.

We have seen the costly mistakes of buying cheap units online with no redress when they fail.

Industrial and warehouse environments are often harsh environments for lighting and maintenance costs are high.

We would highly recommend these units, especially for warehouse/Industrial type facilities.

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Robus LED Lighting
Robus LED Lighting