What Do YOU Understand By Sustainability Exactly?

How on Earth do I find the Time to address this?

If you are like us, your working week is often a crazy schedule.

Maybe you find yourself under tight deadlines, problems that you have to solve quickly, frequently dealing with multiple issues at once.

The next problem, issue, the deadline is all-consuming. This head down,’ in the muck and bullets of a working week ‘, approach means we rarely have time to think about more fundamental business issues.

struggling with sustainability

What Are These Fundamental Issues?

  • Can we be better prepared to face risks in our business and have plans to mitigate them or eliminate the risks entirely?
  • Are our systems and processes congruent with our beliefs and goals as business owners?
  • Where can we save on costs? (Link to the short version of the case study). Where do we haemorrhage on cost?
  • Have we the necessary training and skills to build our businesses for the future?
  • Have we the right people, in the right, roles doing the right things. at the right time?
  • What loses us money on a contract? Could we have a better process?
  • What investment in our business if done now will save us in the future or create better opportunities?
  • Intransigence or lazy thinking ‘ but we’ve always done it like this’.
  • Do we run a compliant company, a compliant building or do we just do enough to avoid problems?
  • Do our staff feel part of the business or just ‘do the bare minimum and get paid?

What Could You Achieve If The Above Could Be Addressed?

  1. Win more business by directly addressing sustainability in our business
  2. Achieve cost savings through greater material efficiency
  3. Better –planning- earlier.
  4. Engage with key partners at an early stage ( H&S, Fire, Principal Designers etc)
  5. Avoid reputational damage to your business
  6. Have better relationships with suppliers, contractors, and clients.
  7. Avoid fines and penalties
  8. Attract better quality employees and increase their skills and training.

 Over the coming weeks and months, we hope to address these issues, in our industry, to share knowledge and experience (both good and bad!).

There is no doubt, that climate change, CO2 emissions, and sustainability is set to exert an increasing influence and demand within the construction industry.

Things will not stay the same.

We are looking to build resources, training programmes and content to help you manage future challenges so you can focus on what you do best.

So let’s make 2021, the year we made sustainability a practical idea we can use to make our business more adaptable to future challenges, changes in legislation, market changes, more resilient and together achieve sustainable growth year on year.

If you would like to know more about our Sustainability Services or need to talk something through with us   – please get in touch below