Business Finance for Energy Savings Projects

Most of us are still reeling from dealing with the virus lockdown then, we had Brexit!

So what financial help is still available for businesses that want to cut costs and save energy?

The good news, is there are still schemes that directors can still make use of to mitigate or in some cases avoid altogether up front capital costs on energy savings projects.

Most of the energy projects we have completed, have focused on saving electricity costs which are by far the most expensive utility for most businesses.

You might be pleasantly surprised at how much money your business can save.

What comes next if your business wants to apply?

In next month’s newsletter, we will set out the simple steps for you to take to give your application the best chance of succeeding.

Good preparation will pay dividends here and we will outline exactly what you need to do.

We will also outline the information you need to have in hand.

A great place to start is to undertake an energy audit of your business and we will take you through some of the key essentials for undertaking an accurate and thorough audit.

This achieves two things in one move!

  1. It gives a benchmark to measure against and a starting point.
  2. It gives valuable information as to whether your project is viable before you commit yourself.

If you wish to discuss your energy project NOW and have an idea in mind, please, get in touch below and we can arrange to talk.