Guidance for Businesses Returning to Work following the Covid-19 Lockdown

Green Hat Consulting are delighted to have been selected by Swansea Bid to collaborate in compiling a comprehensive information pack to support businesses returning to work under the Covid-19 restrictions.

Using the latest government guidelines and our wealth of experience in risk assessment the documentation covers everything you need to consider before you re-open your business to staff and customers.

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As the current situation is quite fast moving this will be a ‘live document’ and we shall endeavour to keep up with all the changes as they happen to provide you with all the necessary information. Whenever we update anything we shall let you know via our social media channels.

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Whilst you are waiting to get back to work why not take advantage of our free Online Training.  Just watch the training video, complete the questionnaire to evidence your learning and we’ll provide you with a certificate that can be mapped against your CPD matrices.

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