Are you a Client? Ten Killer Questions under the CDM 2015 Regulations

The questions below are those most likely to be asked by HSE during a routine project intervention or incident investigation. The strength and veracity of your answers may determine whether enforcement action is taken or not.

You should ideally be able to provide solid answers to these questions in order to demonstrate compliance as a Client with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

How would you answer these questions?

  1. Skills, Experience and Competence:

How do you ensure that designers and contractors appointed by you have the skills,

knowledge and experience and organisational capability to fulfil their roles?

  1. Management Arrangements:

How do you manage the project, notify HSE and maintain/review your arrangements?

  1. Pre-Construction Information (PCI):

How do you ensure that pre-construction information is provided to every designer and contractor appointed, or being considered for appointment, to the project?

  1. Principal Designer (PD):

How do you ensure that a PD is appointed in writing where required and that the PD complies with the PD duties?

  1. The Health and Safety File:

How do you ensure that your appointed PD prepares a Health and Safety File for the project?

  1. Health and Safety File Updates:

How do you ensure that any project HSF is revised from time to time to incorporate any new information and kept available for inspection?

  1. Principal Contractor (PC):

How do you ensure that a contractor is appointed as PC and that the PC complies with the PC duties?

  1. Construction Phase Plan:

How do you ensure that a construction phase plan is drawn up by the PC or contractor before construction work begins?

  1. Welfare Facilities:

How do you ensure that the required welfare facilities are provided in respect of any person carrying out construction work?

  1. Co-operation with others:

How do you cooperate with any other person working on or in relation to the project at the same or an adjoining construction site?

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Written by:


Ian James

MCIOB BSc (Hons)

Technical Director