My client has asked me for SSIP certification. What does this mean?

Firstly, what is SSIP?

Following discussions between several important health and safety organisations, including CHAS, NHBC, Exor and Constructionline the SSIP forum was born. It was created as an umbrella organisation that facilitates mutual understanding and recognition between different health and safety schemes to ensure uniformity.

This process streamlines the tender process for both buyers, helping them create a more cost-effective process of identifying suitable suppliers, and companies, by providing automatic prequalification for contracts within their sector and capabilities.

What are the benefits of becoming SSIP registered?

Standards offer more than simply ensuring that your company meets the mandatory rules for its sector. They streamline the procurement process for buyers, confirming that suppliers meet the minimum required levels stipulated in the contract. SSIP brings together all the health and safety standards, potentially opening up many opportunities that may have previously been unavailable to your company.

SSIP registration is seen as evidence that your company can demonstrate high levels of health and safety management. It shows an ongoing commitment to best practice within the work environment and the required levels of protection for your staff and contractors. As the construction sector is now more regulated than ever before, SSIP is a simple and effective way to prove that your company takes this matter very seriously.

Once your business is registered with SSIP you will automatically speed up registration with pre-qualification portals such as CHAS, Constructionline, Exor, Safecontractor and SMAS. Larger organisations (Clients and Principal Contractors) also require strong proof of adherence to health and safety protocols when considering bids for tenders. Registration puts your company ahead of your rivals who cannot demonstrate similar proof.

A Real Commitment

Effective health and safety policies are about more than simply pre-qualifying your business for large commercial tenders. By having a strong commitment to the care of your employees you can make your company a much more attractive place for leading industry talent and demonstrating a real commitment to the health and safety of your employees.

The advantages in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace should make this certification attractive to any business that’s serious about growth.

How can Green Hat help you with SSIP?

Green Hat can help your company achieve SSIP certification by taking you through the stages step by step. We are able to help you complete the applications by ensuring that you have all the required information needed to achieve certification. We are also able to remind our clients of renewal dates in sufficient time to ensure that your certificates never run out.

If you need help or guidance in the development and implementation of a Health and Safety System please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01792 293736 or contact us via email on

Written by:


Paul Griffiths


Senior Health & Safety Consultant